This week, we continue to celebrate our latest employee advocacy video, starring the lovable Rexi and Octo! Check it out below, and make sure to nominate your favorite employee marketing leaders for our first #OctoLeader Award!

Much like an octopus propelling itself effortlessly through the ocean, we’re all about forward motion here at Blue Focus Marketing.

Last week, you learned the proper plural for octopuses (or “octopodes,” if you prefer), some other nifty octo facts, and how it all relates to employee advocacy.

This week, let’s dive deeper into the world of octopuses to see what else we can learn.

All That Spilled Ink

You ever wonder what’s up with octopus ink? Here, let this short National Geographic video show you:

Octopuses shoot ink as a defense mechanism. Some even shoot ink into shapes or have glow-in-the-dark ink in order to distract predators and get away.

It’s all fascinating stuff. However, it’s not a very good model for aspiring content marketers. In the digital bazaar, the point of “spilling ink” (read: producing content) isn’t to distract your audience. It’s to excite them, to draw them in, and to provide something of value.

Remember, good thought leadership is about being transparent and engaging, not being opaque and standoffish.

All Work and No Play

Thanks to Cyndi Lauper, we all know girls just wanna have fun. But what about the octopus? Observe:

Isn’t watching octopuses play fun? You can check out some other great examples here, here, and here.

Now that your heart is full of joy, let’s talk about what we can learn. Fun and humor are key to a good integrated marketing strategy. Focus on a variety of content—informative, heartwarming, and just plain silly. Hey, look at us, we’ve been writing content about octopuses all summer!

The Love Loop

Octopuses aren’t the only ones who get to have fun. Their fans can too:

Catchy, huh? People love octopuses—so much so octopuses even have their own International Octopus Day (which, fittingly, is on October 8).

How does your community feel about your brand? What can your employee advocates do to make that bond stronger? Your fans may not end up writing cool theme songs about you, but perhaps they’ll recommend you to their own networks. And as we all know, nothing’s better than word of mouth (or earned media) in advocacy marketing.

That concludes week three of our octopus celebration. What’s your favorite octopus factoid, and what can employee marketing leaders learn from it?

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