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August 15, 2017  – Nomination is now closed.

Blue Focus Marketing and Tribal Impact are proud to announce the 2017 #OctoLeader Award. This award recognizes the dynamic social leaders of Twitter who work tirelessly day in and day out to build dynamic communities of shared interest and breathe life into the brands they represent. Read on to find out more about this exciting award, how to nominate employee advocacy leaders, and why every brand should be more like the octopus!

About The #OctoLeader Award

This award is a way to acknowledge extraordinary social business leaders who share professional content and build engaging communities both internally and externally.

The award is designed for leaders who inspire and create social employees who bridge the inside and outside worlds. Brands cannot communicate externally unless they communicate internally.

Like the octopus, not only do social employees have eight times the reach of their brands, they’re more trusted than branded channels and better equipped to respond to customer needs quickly and effectively.

Everyone with an active Twitter account is welcome to nominate people who have consistently produced or shared great content via the social network and are considered social business leaders in their field.

Why #OctoLeaders?

You may be wondering why we chose our friend the octopus to represent the leading employee advocates in their field. It all started when we learned that social employees have eight times the messaging reach that brands do. This got us thinking: The brands that don’t empower their employees have very little reach—much like the T-Rex—and as a result, they risk becoming obsolete and extinct. However, the brands that create dynamic leaders through employee advocacy not only have far greater reach, but they’re also smart, dynamic, and adaptive—just like the octopus.

This idea captured our imaginations, so we decided to give it life in this short video:

From there, we realized it wasn’t enough just to advocate for #OctoLeaders. With the help of Sarah Goodall at Tribal Impact, we decided to celebrate the trailblazing #OctoLeaders already out there delighting their audiences. Thus was born the 2017 #OctoLeaders Award!

Criteria for Nominees

To qualify, all nominees must have at least 150 followers. They must be actively engaged on Twitter and share content that is inspiring and demonstrates leadership. They can work at a global giant, a startup, or anywhere in between—or they can be an entrepreneur. Wherever they work, nominees must show leadership in building two-way communities either internally or externally. We’re welcoming applications from social business leaders across every discipline, including marketing, advertising, PR, HR, social selling, social advocacy, social recruitment, academics, etc.

The #OctoLeader Awards will be announced in September 2017, with the exact date to be revealed late summer.


The #OctoLeader Twitter Award will be announced on the Blue Focus Marketing Blog and the Tribal Impact Blog. Winners will be notified via Twitter in September 2017 (TBD). The awards will receive coverage via Twitter and other social media networks. Winners can post their #OctoLeader badge on their social networks.


Any individual who fulfills the above criteria may be nominated. The #OctoLeader finalists will be chosen by Cheryl Burgess (@ckburgess), CEO, Blue Focus Marketing, and Sarah Goodall (@SarahGoodall), Founder, Tribal Impact, who are collaborating across the pond for this project.


Know someone who qualifies? If not, share the link with your community and ask them to nominate someone. If you think you should be nominated, but too shy to ask your friends or co-workers, just nominate yourself.

Nomination Deadline and Announcement Dates

The deadline to submit nominations August 15, 2017

Winners will be announced in blog posts in late September 2017

    Nomination Submitted by:

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