Employee Experience (EX)

The Customer Journey Begins with the Employee Experience

What is your brand doing to create a culture of engaged, authentic employees?

In the digital bazaar, customers don’t want to talk to a logo. They want to talk to real people. That’s why today’s most successful businesses are putting their social employees front and center.

The research is clear: Social employee engagement creates a more productive workforce, helps companies outperform their competitors, and dramatically reduces turnover.

In other words, an investment in the employee experience is an investment in your company’s continued success—a true win/win!

At Blue Focus Marketing, social employee engagement is in our DNA. In fact, we wrote the book on it. With our custom employee engagement consulting package, we’ll help you and your employees:

  • Identify and eliminate silos. Discover how social tools can revolutionize communication and collaboration within the workplace.
  • Empower advocates. Engaged employees want to celebrate their brand. Help them make their voices heard.
  • Establish social guardrails. Improve social advocacy efforts by defining some basic engagement guidelines.
  • Inspire storytellers. What’s your brand’s story? Do your employees know it—and are they excited to share it?
  • Build unique personal brands. Learn why social employees are the most trusted voices in any organization.


Ready to Activate Your Employees?

Whether your organization has a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand employees, Blue Focus Marketing is committed to helping you build your brand from the inside out. First, we’ll set up a call to learn more about your company and the unique needs of your workforce. Then, we’ll work to develop and implement an employee experience grounded in your brand’s mission, vision, and values.


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Employee Experience (EX)

What is the Employee Experience (EX), and how can your organization embrace it to unlock the power of your workforce? The logical counterpart to User Design (UX) and Customer Experience (CX), the EX asks a fundamental question: If your employees aren’t excited about what they do, why should your customers be excited about your brand? At Blue Focus Marketing, we understand that an engaged workforce is a more productive one. By championing the EX, organizations have the opportunity to craft better products, boost social employee advocacy efforts, and propel their brand into the 21st century.

Think of your brand as a planet

Think of your brand as a planet, and your employees as satellites in orbit. You brand generates gravity with a compelling story centered around your mission, vision, and values. Without this story, you may find your employees drawn to a brand with a stronger pull. If this happens, you don’t just risk losing some of your employees. You risk losing your best employees. It doesn’t have to be this way!

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. At Blue Focus Marketing, we believe that marketing in the social era is everyone’s job—and that social leaders can bubble up from anywhere within an organization.

But a thriving social employee advocacy program doesn’t happen on accident. It requires social leadership from the C-Suite, a willingness to experiment, and a team of social employees ready to build a roadmap to success.

That’s what Blue Focus Marketing’s Social Employee Pilot Activation Plan is all about. Through our 5 Ds—Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Determine—we will help your brand soar to new heights. Learn how to build a team of engaged brand ambassadors, why content marketing is the future of advertising, and how to effectively measure your success and scale your efforts.

Are you ready to join the Social Employee Revolution?

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Plot Your Course with a Social Employee Advocacy Pilot Program

At its core, the word “social” is about engagement. It’s about authenticity, passion, and community. And above all else, it’s about putting the human component of what you do—and why you do it—front and center as you connect with stakeholders in the digital bazaar.

At Blue Focus Marketing, we’ve studied the success stories of brands large and small to help you chart your own roadmap for success. And through a best-selling book, a popular TED talk, an innovative video tutorial course for Lynda.com, and countless workshops and speaking engagements, we’ve helped spark the Social Employee Revolution across the globe.

Through it all, we’ve learned that a brand cannot communicate externally unless it can first communicate internally. We’ve learned that an authentic content marketing strategy is a cornerstone of social branding. And most importantly, we’ve learned that the most successful brands all started their social journeys the same way: with a social employee advocacy pilot program.

Ready to discover the recipe for social marketing success? All it takes is one part social leadership, one part strategy, and a heaping spoonful of authenticity!

Contact Blue Focus Marketing today, and we’ll get started crafting a social employee advocacy pilot program customized to suit your unique business needs.