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Marketing Transformation 

What is Marketing Transformation? 

Today, advances in technology, data, and analytics have shifted marketing into a new era we call marketing transformation. In our ever-changing and hyper-connected world, marketers recognize the need to shift from traditional marketing methods toward a new approach that can help them better navigate an unpredictable environment.  To succeed at marketing transformation, the marketers of both the present and the future must learn to shift toward a more integrated, digital, personalized, and AI-driven approach that creates frictionless, empathetic, customer experiences across all relevant touchpoints.

The New Marketing is rocket fuel for driving change

Perhaps Professor Chance says it best when referring to the ability of The New Marketing to cut through the clutter and disruption we face today:

“The transformation of the digital landscape has made nearly every marketing textbook obsolete. But in this one, you can learn what’s really happening now, from people who are researching and practicing at the bleeding edge.                                                                                                           ~ Zoe Chance

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Yale School of Management




The New Marketing: How to Win in the Digital Age

Marketing in an unpredicted era.

The New Marketing Academy



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