Announcing “The Story of Rexi and Octo,” our latest video on the power of social employee advocacy.

Is your brand more like a T-Rex or more like an octopus?

Not sure? Perhaps this video can explain:

At Blue Focus Marketing, we’re leading the charge to help brands of all sizes be like the octopus and unleash the magic of the employee experience. Keep reading to learn why.

In social branding, it’s all about reach

Whether we see them fossilized in museums or brought to life through CGI in the latest dino-themed blockbuster, T-Rexes are fearsome and awe-inspiring predators. Despite this, it’s no secret that their arms were also comically short and ineffective.

Octopi, on the other hand, have eight articulate appendages. They’re strong and move independently, so once they draw you in, they’re not likely to let go.

Now, think about this in terms of social branding: Would you rather have a brand with no reach at all, or would you rather have a brand able to reach audiences in eight different directions at once?

So, which animal are you?

If your social presence only amounts to a few branded channels that scare stakeholders away rather than draw them in, you’re probably a T-Rex. You may have a big footprint in the way of likes, follows, and promoted content, but you your engagement is sorely lacking.

However, If your branding strategy is centered around social employee advocates, you’re almost certainly an octopus—in fact, you’re probably a whole swarm of them! This means great things for your brand:

  • On average, employees have ten times more connections than their companies. It’s not all about who how many likes and followers your corporate page has. After all, most of those people aren’t really connected to your brand and don’t pay attention. Social employees have deeper connections and more of them, meaning more people will hear their message.
  • Social employees also produce double the click-through rates that branded channels do while sharing the same content. People simply trust everyday employee more than branded channels. That means they’re more likely to look at what employees share—and also more likely to actually read it.
  • Employee channels generate eight times more engagement than brands do. More engagement means more reach. Why? Because if people are actually interested in what your social employees are sharing, they’re going to share it too. That means more eyes on your content and a better chance generating new leads and prospects.

Here’s the best part: all those numbers are comparing employees and brands on a one-to-one basis. Now, just imagine the exponential impact for your brand with each new octopus activated among your employee ranks. Pretty tempting, no?

Blue Focus Marketing offers a variety of workshops, tutorials, and speaking engagements focused on social employee advocacy. Contact us today to find out more.

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