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Is your organization ready to harness the power of the social leader?

At Blue Focus Marketing, we understand that real change begins with people, not technology.  Successful social media marketing is driven by engaged social employee advocates who share their brand’s story far and wide. And through their visionary thinking and powerful storytelling, social leaders fuel this passion—humanizing their brands and propelling them to greatness in the digital bazaar.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help businesses large and small learn how to identify and empower their own social leaders. From the C-Suite to the mailroom, from marketing to HR, social leaders are everywhere. Let us show you how to find them.

Blue Focus Marketing Joins Tom Peters, David Edelman, Kevin Randall and Wharton for Marketing Matters Sirius XM Radio Show

Get the latest insights from leading marketing minds like Tom Peters, David Edelman, and Kevin Randall. In Sept. 2016, these thought leaders joined Blue Focus Marketing founders Cheryl Burgess and Mark Burgess, in addition to host Catharine Hays, on Wharton’s Marketing Matters Business Radio show on Sirius XM.

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In 2014, Blue Focus Marketing CEO and CMO Cheryl Burgess was asked to participate on an Economist Intelligence Unit advisory board tasked with determining the top 25 social business leaders around the world. In selecting these innovative leaders, the board, which also included other social business luminaries such as Nick Blunden, Lisa Gansky, Brian Solis, and Maria Winans, first set out to determine the essential characteristics of social leaders. Among other traits, social business leaders are natural storytellers, visionaries, and culture shapers—inspiring the workforce of today with the dream of a brighter tomorrow.

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2015 #EmployeeSEAL Awards. The SEAL – Social Employee Advocacy Leaders

In 2015,  we were proud to announce the winners of the first annual #EmployeeSEAL Awards. The SEAL—which stands for “Social Employee Advocacy Leaders”—recognizes those in the business community who lead by action, who evangelize through their passion, who inspire others to join the @SocialEmployee revolution through their tireless advocacy in the social sphere.

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