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Branding from inside out

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” ~Simon Sinek


What does your brand stand for? It doesn’t matter how big your business is or how many marketing dollars you have to spend. All that matters is your brand’s mission, vision, and values.

Any organization can explain what you do and how you do it. But can yours explain why? Starting with the why helps you build lasting connections with your community by demonstrating that your values are theirs.

Establishing a shared sense of purpose, and watch your brand influence grow. Who could ask for anything more?


Social brands bridge the relationship between social employees and customers.

The Möbius strip lies at the heart of the social branding. This simple-looking band is surprisingly complex: It has no front or back, no top or bottom. If you run your finger across its length, you can cover its entire surface area.

In social branding, the Möbius Model creates more touchpoints, more opportunities for connection, and more dynamic brand relationship.

How does it work? Watch the video to find out!

Quest for Brand Choreography™: Dancing in Real-Time

Social branding is about building relationships, understanding customer needs, and offering solutions.

But to achieve this in today’s rapidly evolving marketing landscape, your brand faces unique challenges:

  • The rise of social media and inbound marketing
  • Rapidly proliferating media choices and marketing channels
  • Shifting power to consumers and changes in buyer behavior

As you race to prove the ROI of every marketing dollar, how can you position your brand so that you’re not just keeping up, but getting ahead?

The Solution: Brand Choreography™

As a modern marketer, your job is to orchestrate and optimize your message across all platforms—whether social, traditional, digital, or mobile. And through Brand Choreography, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

Brand Choreography puts the customer’s needs at the center. So whatever your prospects’ preferred touchpoints, you’ll be there to offer then the information they need—building trust, consistency, and authenticity to every interaction. With Brand Choreography, it’s not a matter of guessing where your customers will be, but being where your customers are.

Ready to bring Brand Choreography™ to your business?

The Blue Focus Marketing Brand Choreography model enables you to deliver clear, consistent, and compelling messages. It’s time for your brand to create a unified front. From blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to mobile devices, video, and more, we’ll show you how all your marketing channels can work together.

“Marketing is a process by which a firm profitably translates

customer needs into revenue.”  ~ Mark Burgess

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American Marketing Association (AMA) Face-to-Face Training

We delivered a customized Social Employee pilot activation workshop for the American Marketing Association (AMA), a leading professional association for marketing professionals. The AMA is the largest marketing association in the world. It is trusted by nearly 1.3 million marketing and sales professionals a year worldwide with more than 70 professional chapters and over 350 collegiate chapters throughout North America and select international locations.

Want to create a powerful new marketing channel for your brand?  Ask us how to customize a one-day Social Employee pilot activation workshop for you.

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