Marketers, did you remember to add your brand to your holiday shopping list? Treat yourself with “Marketing Foundations: Integrated Marketing Strategies,” the exciting new video online course.  And, Brand Choreography™ is included to energize your brand!

Ah, the holidays. Nothing like having some extra time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

If you’re like me, though, sometimes it can feel like a little free time can go a long way. You run out of chores to do, movies to watch, and things to read. You love the downtime, but you find yourself looking ahead to what you want to accomplish in the new year.

Why Not Make Your Downtime Productive?

With that in mind, the holiday break is a great time to check out Blue Focus Marketing’s new video tutorial course with LinkedIn Learning, “Marketing Foundations: Integrated Marketing Strategies.” This comprehensive two-hour course is broken into a series of short, three- to four-minute videos—the perfect length for sneaking in some helpful marketing lessons while you’re sitting on the couch waiting for the next family activity to begin.

We designed this course with the modern marketer in mind. In our multi-channel, multi-screen world, having an effective integrated marketing communications strategy is more critical than ever. Learn how to build a strong brand value proposition, identify your buyer persona, create a variety of engaging content, and leverage social employee advocates to share your message!

A Better Brand Today and Tomorrow

In 2018, marketers in brands of all sizes will leverage IMC to create lasting, dynamic connections with their customers. And we should know: thousands of marketers have completed our course already!

With a strong integrated marketing strategy, guided by our proprietary Brand Choreography™ framework, your brand will start to see real, measurable improvements in customer engagement, lead generation, and sales—all driven by deeper, more meaningful interactions with your community.

And here’s the best part of our approach: the results are exponential! By building a stronger brand today, you lay the groundwork for a powerhouse of a brand tomorrow.

Ready to make the most of your holiday break? Join me and LinkedIn Learning for “Marketing Foundations: Integrated Marketing Strategies” today!  

Happy Holidays.

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