AMA’s Content Marketing Workshop: 7-Step Blueprint for Content Marketing Success

Registration is now open for “A 7-Step Blueprint to Content Marketing Success,” the latest workshop by Blue Focus Marketing and the American Marketing Association (AMA). Join us in Chicago on Sept. 28-29 for this exciting two-day event.

Find out what several hundred marketers have already learned from this workshop. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

In the past several months, your organization decided to add content marketing to its digital branding efforts. After all, it’s been the marketing buzzword for years now, and you can’t go online without seeing some story or case study of a brand cracking the content code and turbocharging their bottom line.

So, you got your marketing team together, wrote a few blogs, perhaps made a couple videos and graphics, and posted them to your site. Then you waited. Then you waited some more. And now, months later, you’re still waiting to see content marketing results.

Clearly you need a new content marketing strategy, but where do you start?

“The content marketing training made me rethink the way we create content and brand messaging, and gave me tools to develop a stronger content marketing strategy, from brainstorm to execution to measurement.”

— AMA conference attendee

Here’s the trick with content marketing: Producing the actual content is only a small piece of the puzzle. There are so many other things to consider—like your story, your audience, and your plan for sharing throughout the customer journey. Neglect even one of these things, and watch from the sidelines as other brands swoop in and grab all the content glory.

It’s time to come up with a plan. Join me and the American Marketing Association (AMA) in their Chicago headquarters on Sept. 28–29. With our two-day workshop, “A 7-Step Blueprint to Content Marketing Success,” we’ll cover all the ins and outs of piloting and scaling a smart, sustainable content strategy. Topics will include:

  • How to build a content strategy that integrates with your branding efforts across channels
  • How to leverage stories—your employees’, your customers’, and your brand’s—to create an emotional impact
  • How to create and manage a content team
  • How to gather insights, set goals, implement tactics and test for success
  • How to manage the publishing and editorial processes

Whether you’re new to content marketing or interested in troubleshooting and fine-tuning your process, you’re sure to walk away with a few big takeaways from this innovative seminar.

“I loved it, really helped me gain a deeper understanding of content marketing.”

— AMA conference attendee

“Mark was fantastic! Very smart, really knew the subject material, was patient and kept things moving well.”

— AMA conference attendee

“I walked away with a number of ideas and resources that I felt I could apply immediately in my day to day work.”

— AMA conference attendee

Since 1937, the American Marketing Association has delivered an unparalleled discussion on marketing excellence—both through its industry-leading conferences and through publications like the Journal of Marketing and Marketing News.

At “A 7-Step Blueprint to Content Marketing Success,” Blue Focus Marketing and the AMA will combine decades of experience and perspective with cutting-edge research and insights designed to revitalize your marketing department and bring your brand into the 21st century.

Through our focus on real-world examples, practical strategies, and the customer journey, attendees will learn how a well-designed content marketing strategy can revitalize their brand, capture stakeholders’ imaginations, and drive ROI. 

Ready to join us? Register today for Blue Focus Marketing and the AMA’s “A 7-Step Blueprint to Content Marketing Success!”

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