Dear Marketers: You did a great job in 2016. You deserve a high-five.

With 2016 drawing to a close, it’s time for reflection, a chance to take stock of what we accomplished this year and prepare for what lies ahead in 2017.

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re in full celebration mode here at Blue Focus Marketing. So, we thought we’d put out a little list of “high-fives”: five little items drawn from the marketing community to help you celebrate past successes, refocus your efforts, and jump-start your marketing campaigns for the coming year.

So with that said, let’s follow this dog’s lead and get to the high fives!



  1. Marketing Dive just published its 2016 Dive Awards for Marketing. The big winners included Dunkin’ Donuts, Dove soap, and Procter & Gamble CBO Marc Pritchard. As the article notes, 2016 brought some interesting challenges to the marketing community, with in-house marketing teams emerging much stronger coming out of the year than going in. What will 2017 bring? We’ll find out soon enough!
  1. B2B marketers are killing it in lead generation and conversion on LinkedIn, according to Social Media Today, who explore 6 proven ways to improve your advocacy efforts on the platform. The bottom line? Share links, ask questions, and post videos.
  1. Speaking of LinkedIn, blogger Jason Miller just helped blow the cover off the goldfish attention span myth of content marketing. As it turns out, successful content is far more dependent on value that it is on length. The trick is engagement. So no matter what kind of content you’re producing, figure out your story and fill it with passion. That’s how you keep your audience enthralled.
  1. Mark Fidelman has another tip for engagement: embrace YouTube advertising. After all you’ll get way more ROI for your buck. Especially if you’re trying to reach a primarily Millennial audience, this makes sense, as they far prefer digital streaming channels to traditional television.
  1. The SMB marketer rises! eMarketer recently shed some light on an encouraging trend: 40 percent of small-to-midsize businesses are using social media to engage audiences. And why not? Social media isn’t just time and cost-effective; it also puts small businesses in direct contact with their communities. Let’s see if that number continues to grow in 2017.




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