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Does your organization produce and curate exciting content, or do you just kind of wing it?

In the digital bazaar, content is king. That’s why nearly two-thirds of CMOs consider content production their top priority. But the best content marketing efforts require a plan—and a team of enthusiastic social employees to put it into action.

So if you’re ready to unlock the great mystery of content marketing, join me on Sept. 29–30 at the Hilton in Washington, D.C., for “A 7-Step Blueprint to Content Marketing Success,” an innovative two-day workshop hosted by the American Marketing Association (AMA).

The workshop is designed for marketers in any industry, from B2B specialists to B2C evangelists working in startups, global giants, and everything in between. From the course description:

This workshop will focus on how to create and leverage the myriad forms of content to promote businesses, retain customers, influence word of mouth, close the decision gap on prospects and leverage content as a brand differentiator. Learn to deliver great content in the right forms and places, and in a way that is specifically mapped to your audience’s information needs and buying stages. Studies indicate that companies that provide valuable content can generate more leads with higher ROI. Through this course, marketers will learn how to create remarkable content that gets noticed and produces business results.  

Whether it’s a helpful how-to video, a sleek infographic, or a well-crafted blog post, good content makes both your brand and your employees look smarter, more helpful, and more relevant in your industry—a true win/win. Embrace the future and learn how to make content marketing work for you with this exciting new workshop!

Who Should Attend

Blue Focus Marketing (@BlueFocus) has designed this workshop for mid- to upper-level managers, directors, executives of teams of business professionals working in marketing communications, marketing, content development/creative services, advertising, branding, copywriting, social media, PR, sales and traditional or interactive/digital marketing agencies. Young professionals looking to gain exposure and expand their skill sets in the always-growing digital arena are also encouraged to attend.

How Do I Register?

Registration is now open at the AMA website.

About the AMA

The American Marketing Association is the largest marketing organization in the world.  Founded in 1937, the AMA helps thought leaders understand how to “propel business growth and elevate the role of marketing.” The AMA leads an “unparalleled discussion on marketing excellence” through its roster of publications, such as the Journal of Marketing and Marketing News, as well as through workshops and seminars hosted each year throughout the country.

Testimonials from My Previous AMA Workshops

“The content marketing training made me rethink the way we create content and brand messaging, and gave me tools to develop a stronger content marketing strategy, from brainstorm to execution to measurement.”

“I loved it, really helped me gain a deeper understanding of content marketing.”

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