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I am proud to announce that, on December 4-5, I will be delivering an AMA Content Marketing Workshop at the Summit Executive Centre in Chicago.

In 2014, Content marketing is a marketer’s number one priority. Today’s prospective buyers have greater access to consumer information than ever before, and they are using it to make informed purchase decisions. By failing to build a strong content marketing presence around their products and services, brands are effectively letting outside parties control the conversation about their offerings.

And it is for this reason that I have advocated so strongly for brands to develop and deploy an effective content marketing strategy, having delivered this workshop several times to dozens of past attendees who recognized the need to pick up their game. Discover how your brand can benefit from content marketing. Learn to create and publish marketing content across all relevant touch points where your brand interacts with customers. Create a content marketing blueprint that meets your customer’s informational needs, drives leads, and helps to achieve the revenue goals of your company.

From the AMA:

This workshop will focus on how to create and leverage the myriad forms of content to promote businesses, retain customers, influence word of mouth, close the decision gap on prospects and leverage content as a brand differentiator. Learn to deliver great content in the right forms and places, and in a way that is specifically mapped to your audience’s information needs and buying stages.

Here are the details:

What: Content Marketing 2014 with Mark Burgess

Place: Summit Executive Centre, Chicago, IL 60601

When: December 4 to 5, 2014 – 8am to 4pm each day

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