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In an earlier post, I shared my thoughts on what a wonderful experience it was to be a part of the 2014 IBM Connect Conference in January. As I explained then, there is always electricity in the air whenever I’m in a room full of IBMers. Through everything they do, the company’s many brand ambassadors demonstrate why we considered IBM to be a must-have when we were writing our Amazon best-selling book, The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, 2013).

To get a sense of the scope and activity found every day at the conference, I recommend checking out this blog post by Andrew Grill (@AndrewGrill), Global Partner, Social Business at IBM. One look at his recap shows that there was never a dull moment at the conference, whether it was dinner with colleagues, impromptu social chats, or appearances by comedian Seth Meyers.

A Social Employee Chat With Andrew Grill

Somehow in all the bustle, Andrew and I had a chance to connect for a quick interview to discuss The Social Employee, our inspiration for writing it, what we hoped to accomplish with its message, and why we thought IBM was such a strong fit for the book. One topic we focused on in particular was the idea of the social executive, why they’re so important to the social business equation, and how C-suites can take steps toward building a stronger social component into their day-to-day work lives. We also covered the story of Tom Peters’s S-Train Imperative and why it is so important to visualize and understand all the components necessary to social business success.

Cheryl Burgess speaks to Andrew Grill at IBM Connect from Andrew Grill on Vimeo.

For more details on these any many other topics, watch the 10-minute video above. My thanks again to Andrew for taking the time to sit down and talk with me during such a busy, exciting conference and for being with us on the frontlines of the @SocialEmployee revolution!

More from the IBM 2014 Connect Conference

For more great video content detailing the many exciting events and conversations from the 2014 Connect Conference, please visit the Connect 2014 page on the IBM Social Business YouTube account. The video below, “Social Buzz Chat Tuesday Recap,” offers a brief glimpse of the high level of activity and caliber of conversation taking place during the convention. It also features brief thoughts from myself, Blue Focus Marketing (@BlueFocus) President Mark Burgess (@MNBurgess), and brief clip from a conversation we had with our esteemed colleague-in-arms and author of Socialized!, Mark Fidelman (@MarkFidelman)


Below are recent endorsements for The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, August 2013) by Tom Peters and David Aaker on their social networks, but if you want to see more of their endorsements click here.

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Tom Peters signature copy
In The Social Employee, we go behind the scenes with several leading brands—such as IBM, AT&T, Dell, Adobe, Southwest Airlines, Cisco, Acxiom, and Domo—pulling the lid off the inspiring social business success stories that have propelled these companies into the 21st century. These cutting-edge brands have all come to the same realization: the path to social business lies through empowering the social employee.

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“Great brands have always started on the inside, but why are companies taking so long to leverage the great opportunities offered by internal social media? . . . The Social Employee lifts the lid on this potential and provides guidance for businesses everywhere.” JEZ FRAMPTON, Global Chairman and CEO, Interbrand


Amazon_agold-bookThe Social Employee offers an unparalleled behind-the-scenes look at the social business success stories of some of the biggest brand names in the business world, including IBM, AT&T, Dell, Adobe, Southwest Airlines, Cisco, Acxiom, and Domo. These cutting-edge brands have all come to the same realization: the path to social business lies through empowering the social employee.

The brands that leverage their employee base in order to engage customers and prospects through social media are the ones destined to win the marketing wars. This book not only details the astronomical rise of the social employee, but also outlines the innovative methods that leading companies have employed to foster cultures of enthusiastic and engaged workers.

FORMcGrawHill_RedEWORD by David C. Edelman, Global Co-Leader, Digital Marketing & Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company

AFTERWORD by Kevin Randall, Vice President of Brand Strategy & Research at
Movéo Integrated Branding, and a columnist for Fast Company and The Atlantic

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