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I am pleased to announce the launch of Blue Focus Marketing’s latest venture, The Social Employee Workshop. This dynamic workshop expands on the ideas and arguments put forth in our recent McGraw-Hill book, The Social Employee (currently an Amazon best seller in several categories!). In the book, we examine the ways in which leading brands such as IBM, AT&T, Dell, Cisco, Adobe, Southwest, Acxiom, and Domo have responded to their social business mandates by investing in internal culture and tech-driven social sharing initiatives.

Now that The Social Employee is out and making waves in the marketplace, it’s time to spread the gospel of the Social Employee. It is our mission to ensure that workers in every cubicle, home office, and corner office understand why businesses that promotes transparency, collaboration, and the brand’s mission, vision, and values will win a bigger slice of the revenue pie down the road.

And make no mistake, the social employee journey starts today. In the Social Employee Workshop, we will share winning social business strategies with employees and decision-makers in your marketing department, HR team, and C-Suite—anyone committed to driving disruptive innovation in the workplace is invited to join.

Program Offerings

Topics covered in the Social Employee Workshop include:

  • The Rise of the Social Employee
  • How Social Executives Drive Brand Value
  • Success Stories of Eight Leading Brands
  • How to Create a Social Brand Culture
  • How to Create Social Employees
  • Targeted Strategy Session Based on Your Business Needs

These customizable, half- or full-day workshops will help your brand build effective social business strategies internally and externally, for both the workplace and the new social marketplace.

Coming Soon to AMA 2013

To kick off Blue Focus Marketing’s new Social Employee Workshop program, I will be delivering a presentation at the American Marketing Association’s Annual Marketing Conference in New Orleans on Monday, September 9. The talk, titled “Branding From the Inside Out,” will focus on why it is important for businesses to bolster internal employee engagement, collaboration, and communication in order to establish brand eminence in the marketplace.

For more detail or to register your brand for the Social Employee Workshop, please click here.Click Here

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