Social Employee Workshop and Training


The Social Employee Workshop

How Great Companies Make Social Media Work

Learn success lessons from IBM, AT&T, Dell, Cisco, Adobe, Southwest, Acxiom and Domo.  Examine how these leading brands empower their employees to increase engagement, productivity, brand value and ROI.  We reveal how workshop participants can apply similar strategies to their own business in order to build a powerful social culture.

You will receive the @SocialEmployee Blueprint —  this is an easy-to-follow model that permits you to apply the learning from the workshop to your business. Our Social Employee Workshop gives you the framework to succeed. Attendees can earn the @SocialEmployee Certificate.  This credential is awarded in a printed certificate and digital badge for your website or blog.



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Workshop is Available for Half-Day or Full-Day Sessions

The time to realize the power of the social employee is now.  Let us help you dive in and start discovering what works for your brand.

Who Should Attend?

The @SocialEmployee Blueprint works across businesses of all sizes and industry sectors.  Attendees may include marketing professionals, HR practitioners, entrepreneurs, and executives.  All companies interested in harnessing the power of their employees to build brand reputation, productivity and profits are welcome.



How to create a Brand from the Inside Out:

  • How the social employee fuels the social brand
  • Introducing the @SocialEmployee Blueprint
    • Listen
    • Engage
    • Relationships
    • Collaborate
    • Insights
    • Results
    • Apply results
  • How the social employee model is different from a command-and-control model
  • The business benefits of building a culture of social employees
  • Debunking the top 6 social business myths

The Rise of the Social Employee

  • What is a social employee and why do they matter?
  • The rise of the personal brand
  • 7 Characteristics of the social employee
  • How can companies harness the power of the social employee?

How Social Executives Drive Brand Value

  • What is the role of the social executive in all of this?
  • 7 Characteristics of the social executive
  • Creating the social executive

Success Stories of the 8 Leading Brands Featured in The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, 2013)

  • IBM, AT&T, Cisco, Dell, Southwest, Adobe, Domo and Acxiom
  • Exploring the 8 brands’ challenges, solutions, results
  • How the lessons of The Social Employee apply to executives, employees, start-ups, business owners and educators
  • What the 8 leading brands have in common

How to Create A Social Brand Culture

  • Mission / Vision / Values
  • The benefits of becoming a social brand and how to create one
  • The do’s and don’ts brands must consider to build a social employee culture
  • How companies use social media tools to bolster their bottom line

How To Create Social Employees

  • Social media policy/guidelines
  • Social employee training & motivation
  • How to create content to engage social employees
  • Using social media tools to increase productivity

A Facilitated Interactive SWOT of your Current Employee Environment

– Full-day workshop ONLY

The @SocialEmployee Journey Starts Today

  • Key takeaways and next steps
  • Apply the workshop learning to create your own @SocialEmployee Blueprint
  • Unleashing your social employees
  • How concepts like Brand DNA and Brand Soul impact your business
  • 10 commandments of brand soul

@SocialEmployee Workshop attendees earn a badge for their blog/website: (See below)


On September 9, 2013,  Mark Burgess will be speaking on the topic of Branding from the Inside Out at the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Annual Marketing Conference in New Orleans.


Mark Burgess AMA Annual Marketing Conference 2013


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