We are proud—and humbled—to announce that Blue Focus Marketing’s blog has been nominated for a MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Award.  The team at MarketingSherpa, guided by the stellar Daniel Burstein, (@DanielBurstein) has been producing top-notch marketing content for the past decade, and it is quite simply an honor to be nominated for this award.

Our Blue Focus Marketing Blog is competing in the #9 category: “Best Social Media Marketing Blog.”

Over the past couple years, we have tried to bring you the best insights in social media marketing.  In a business environment that only seems stable when it’s changing, we have worked diligently to provide you cutting edge analysis and fresh perspectives.

Fortunately, we’ve benefited tremendously from the support and contributions of an amazing community of fellow bloggers, analysts and thought leaders. Without their input, this space simply wouldn’t be the same.  We are also fortunate that both Mark (@mnburgess) and I (@ckburgess) are external expert AT&T bloggers in social media.

In fact, one writer whom we’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with—Tom Pick (@TomPick)—has also been nominated for a MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Award.  I have worked with Tom over the past couple years to create the #Nifty50 Awards, which honors the top 50 men and 50 women in the Twitterverse.

Tom Pick’s Webbiquity blog is competing in the #2 category: “Best B2B Marketing Blog.”  Please give him your vote as well.  He deserves it.

Voting closes on Monday, June 18, 2012, so make sure to get your votes in early!

Please VOTE Now for #9 Blue Focus Marketing’s blog and #2 Webbiquity’s blog ~> (click here)

Please don’t just vote – tweet!  (copy/paste) ~>  Blog Awards via @MarketingSherpa VOTE Blue Focus (Social Media) @ckburgess & Webbiquity (B2B ) @TomPick http://bit.ly/JPGwrX

At Blue Focus Marketing we don’t just ask for your vote we provide a reason to select us by providing you with relevant and actionable social media marketing insights.  Here’s a smokin’ hot and brilliant interview on June 3, 2012 between Brian Solis (@BrianSolis) Principal, Altimeter Group, (Brian Solis is also an AT&T external expert blogger on social media) and Daniel Burstein (@DanielBurstein) on social media marketing shortly after Brian’s keynote performance at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012.

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