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Today, the subject of Integrated Marketing Communications is hotter than ever.  It’s a source of competitive advantage.  However, both planning and executing remain a challenge.  In this rapidly evolving, ever-changing landscape, marketers are challenged to elevate their games by raising the relevance of their marketing communication plans in the face of the rapid proliferation of media choices, new channels, new formats, the shift of power to consumers, the shift from traditional to inbound marketing, the rise of social media channels and shifting buyer behavior.  Budgets are tighter, goals are higher and lingering economic uncertainty creates tension that can interfere with integrated planning and results.  Marketers are racing to prove the value of every dollar they spend to generate the highest ROI possible.


What is Brand Choreography?

Enter a new way of thinking about IMC that the social branding consultancy Blue Focus Marketing calls Brand Choreography (BC).  Essentially, this concept involves the orchestration of all appropriate marketing messages and tactics—across traditional, digital and social media platforms—to impact the critical brand touch points.  BC links to the consumer’s buying process in order to provide solutions at each step as buyers seek to reach their goals of acquiring information, making purchases, etc.  The end result is the achievement of the firm’s business objectives.  BC is a customer-focused model that keys on delivering the right message to the right person in the right place to satisfy their information needs and maximize their experience. BC also reminds marketers to make sure their content behaves the way their buyers do.  Basically, marketers need to be where their customers are.  This may mean a combination of old school and new school tools, but marketers cannot make that decision unless they fully understand their audience.  This opens a wealth of opportunities for marketers.

American Marketing Association Workshop

Mark Burgess will be conducting a two-day workshop for the American Marketing Association (AMA) on “Integrated Marketing Communications” Sept 13-14 in Chicago.  For more information (workshop description, agenda, podcast, bio) or to register, visit:  and

To read some of the latest thinking on social media topics at the AT&T Networking Exchange Blog, go to:

Please join us: Brand Choreography Through Integrated Marketing Communications will be the 96th #MMChat on May 28th at 8:00 p.m. EDT – Sponsored by @TheSocialCMO with special guests: Cheryl and Mark Burgess – Co-Founders of Blue Focus Marketing.

Question 1

Why is Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) a hot topic for marketers?

Question 2

What is “Brand Choreography?”

Question 3

Can Brand Choreography help me stop playing jump-ball with the flood of available media options out there?

Question 4

How can IMC help me to better understand my buyers’ needs?

Question 5

How can I architect an IMC blueprint to help my business?

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