Cheryl K. Burgess and I introduced our new book: The New Marketing: How to Win in the Digital Age, as we presented at the  American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketing Summer Academic Conference today. #NewMarketingNewTimes #marketing #newbook #AImarketing

The digital age is transforming the world of marketing at warp speed. Today’s marketing students will be expected to forge undisruptable bonds between brands and consumers using technologies that are still only emerging.

This means that today’s marketing textbooks are becoming obsolete even before students read them.

That’s what drove us to write The New Marketing: How to Win in the Digital Age. (SAGE Publishing 2020). Co-Author Cheryl Burgess.

Designed to make today’s marketing students future-ready, the book is based on global contributions from the likes of:

Jonah Berger, Ph.D., who wrote the foreword: Professor at Wharton and author of ContagiousInvisible Influence, and The Catalyst

Kevin Randall wrote the afterword: Brand strategist and contributing writer for The New York Times

Overall, more than 50 global experts, from CMO trailblazers to martech disruptors, behavioral economics luminaries at Yale to leading marketing thinkers at Kellogg, Rutgers, and Wharton.

With The New Marketing, students will gain a critical, fundamental understanding of tomorrow’s marketing strategies & technologies even as they unfold: AI marketing; brand purpose; data-driven buyer personas, frictionless, authentic customer experience; and much more including personal branding strategies.

Perhaps Zoe Chance, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Yale School of Management, says it best in her endorsement for The New Marketing:

“The transformation of the digital landscape has made nearly every marketing textbook obsolete. But in this one, you can learn what’s really happening now, from people who are researching and practicing at the bleeding edge.”

To Order Now:

Instructors: you can order a Review Copy from Sage and receive it this month. Your students get an exclusive 20% discount on the print version + free shipping in the US by using the code BURGESS20 when ordering from the Sage website:  To buy the ebook now, go to Amazon. (The 20% discount code does not apply on Amazon).

Join us for our Live Session at the AMA’s 2020 Summer Academic Conference

On August 18th, we will introduce The New Marketing in our virtual segment: Marketing Transformation in the Digital Age. Here is a link to sign up for the conference.

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AMA: to register for the conference —

And, here’s a link to our AMA Conference session:

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This is new marketing for new times. #NewMarketingNewTimes #marketing #digitalmarketing #HigherEd #innovation

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