The New Marketing Book

Are you ready for an unpredictable market?

The digital age is transforming the world of marketing at warp speed. Today’s marketers are being called on to forge undisruptable bonds between brands and consumers, using hot new tech that’s still only emerging, barely hinting at what’s about to come.

This means today’s marketing books are becoming obsolete before you can even read them. And, when you’re always looking back, you can’t see what’s ahead of you.

That’s what drove us to write The New Marketing: How to Win in the Digital Age, which I’ll be presenting next week—along with my co-author, Mark Burgess—at the American Marketing Association’s Summer 2020 Academic Conference in our virtual segment on “Marketing Transformation in the Digital Age.”

Designed to make today’s marketers future-ready, the book is based on global contributions from the likes of:

Jonah Berger, Ph.D., who wrote the foreword: Professor at Wharton and author of ContagiousInvisible Influence, and The Catalyst.

Kevin Randall, who wrote the afterword: Brand strategist and contributing writer for The New York Times.

The result is The New Marketing (SAGE Publishing), a book that looks to the future rather than analyzing the past, based on the contributions of CMO trailblazers and martech disruptors, behavioral economics luminaries at Yale, UNC, Northwestern, Rutgers, Stanford, Singularity, and Wharton. And, insights from executives at Amazon, Nielsen, Audi, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Interbrand, IBM, Aetna, FCB, HubSpot, Siegel+Gale, Omnicon’s sparks & honey, Publicis, Nimble, AMA, IDEO, to name a few.

With The New Marketing, today’s marketing professionals will gain a critical, fundamental understanding of tomorrow’s marketing strategies & technologies even as they unfold.

We dug into artificial intelligence and machine learning, EEGs and biometric sensors, big data analytics, and every other marketing tech innovation you can imagine. We also investigated how marketers are merging those technologies with methods as ancient as storytelling to put customers where they belong–at the center of every brand interaction.

Perhaps Beth Comstock’s endorsement for The New Marketing says it best:

“In every industry, the old is going away faster than the new can replace it – marketing included! The New Marketing fills the gap with a breakthrough toolkit that will help marketing students and professionals succeed and become change-makers.” —Beth Comstock, author of Imagine it Forward, and former Vice-chair, GE

You can buy the ebook today, with print copies coming in a few days.

Special discount: Get an exclusive 20% discount on the print version + free shipping in the US using the code BURGESS20 when ordering from the Sage website:

Or you can buy the ebook from Amazon today for less than $20:

To register for the AMA conference:

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And here’s a link to our virtual sessions on August 18 and 19:

We hope you’ll join us as we crack the code of the digital age. This is new marketing for new times.

The future is coming faster than you think.  (Our title for Chapter 12)

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