This week, we wrap up the celebration of our new marketing leadership video with a post that’s all about storytelling and mythology.

What are you doing to “octomize” your brand?

Marketing leaders are a lot like octopuses. No, really. They’re highly adaptive problem-solvers, they learn everything they can, and they love to have a good time.

Here, perhaps this video can explain:

In the last of our series of posts on the power of the octopus, we’re going to dive deeper into the thing that truly gives the Octopus its staying power: storytelling and mythology.

In an Octopus’s Garden, In the Shade

Ladies and gentlemen, the great Ringo Starr:

This Beatles classic has entertained listeners for almost 50 years and is an audience favorite whenever Ringo goes out on tour. It was even adapted into a children’s book! No doubt about it, this song is a timeless treasure.

What can marketing leaders learn from “Octopus’s Garden?” The easy answer might be that we should all aspire to create something timeless. And while, that’s good advice, it’s  easier said and done. After all, even perennial hitmakers like The Beatles had no idea how much staying power the song would have!

So here’s some better advice: celebrate your victories with your fans. When something you make becomes a hit—whether it’s a blog post, a fun commercial, or a viral marketing campaign—enjoy it and learn from it. Engage your communities to find out why your message resonated, and apply that knowledge to future marketing efforts.


Octopus imagery has shows up a lot in pop culture—especially in the world of sci-fi and fantasy. There’s they mythological Kraken, which is often portrayed as very octo-like, as well as the octo-faced Captain Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Perhaps most famous of all, though, is H.P. Lovecraft’s famous monster, Cthulhu:

What can marketers learn from a hundred-year-old mythological octo-dragon monster?

The power of mystery.

As the video points out, despite being an enduring pop culture figure, Cthulhu is more significant for what fans don’t know about him than what they do. That’s some pretty impressive mystique!

Brands are no stranger to this strategy either. Think of the anticipation and secrecy around the launch of every new Apple product. Think of the lengths film studios go to keep the big twists in their biggest summer blockbusters a secret. The example, are endless.

Your brand may not be launching the next smartphone or big tentpole movie, but there are still ways to create a mystery and intrigue around your brand.

Enjoy the Ride

Okay, you ready for our very last bit of octo-marketing wisdom? Here, watch what happens when an octopus steals a camera from a scuba diver:

There’s just something endearing about watching an octopus steal a camera. But it was all in good fun: the octo was happy to stick around and enjoy a swim once the diver caught up to it.

This takes us to our last bit of advice: Enjoy the ride, embrace the fun wherever it takes you, and look for the story in everything.

The diver who shared this video could have responded in a number of ways. They could have gotten angry with the octopus and tried to fight the camera away. They could have shared this same video with ominous music and subtitles talking about what big octopus jerks were. They could have, but of course, that wouldn’t have been any fun.

The best marketing leaders see stories everywhere. They understand that small encounters can bring others big joys. And they know that when things go off script, the best thing they can do is smile and enjoy the ride.

Do you have any good octopus stories? What are you doing to “octomize” your brand? Share them in the comments below!

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