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August 15, 2017

On June 15, Blue Focus Marketing and Tribal Impact proudly announced The 2017 #OctoLeader Award. We designed this award to recognize and boost the visibility of the best social leaders on Twitter, those tireless social advocates working day in and day out to build engaged communities and boost their brands in the digital bazaar. To view our original announcement and nominate, click here.

At Blue Focus Marketing, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of the social employee. And why shouldn’t we be? Social employee advocates:

  • Are more trusted than any other voice at your brand—even the CEO [source: Edelman]
  • Generate eight times the engagement their brands do [source: Social Media Today]
  • Earn double the click-through rates that branded pages do sharing the same content [source: LinkedIn]

Yes, a lot has changed since we first put out our best-selling book, The Social Employee. Back then, employee advocacy sounded like a good idea, but it was still a new frontier for most. Today, it’s a proven winning formula.

What social leaders inspire you? Nominate them here!

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    Why We’re Excited about The 2017 #OctoLeader Award

    As the old saying goes, you can always recognize the leaders because they’re the ones with the arrows in their backs. Today, brands of every size and every industry are revolutionizing their marketing game, and it’s all because of these brave pioneers. We’re thrilled at the idea of boosting their visibility and giving them the credit they’re due.

    But it’s not just about pioneering. It’s also about having fun. That’s why we chose the octopus—a famously playful, curious, and engaging creature—as our symbol of social leadership. In fact, we loved the concept so much, we even made a video out of it:

    Do any social leaders remind you of our friend Octo? Nominate them here!

    Employee Advocacy Is All about Reach, Connections, and Community

    Branded pages on social media work well as central hubs, but social leaders do the real heavy lifting. Employee advocates build engaged communities around compelling content, and he connections they forge in this process are far more valuable than any likes or follows on a branded page.

    Ultimately, just like our friend Octo, it all comes down to reach. When you’re a social leader, people care about what you have to say, which means they’re more than happy to retransmit your message and put you on the radar of new customers and prospects. The more employees you have engaging on behalf of your brand, the greater the results!

    Whose messages and content do you find yourself sharing the most? Nominate them here!


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