Does social employee advocacy actually build brand value—

or is it just a passing phase?

At Blue Focus Marketing, we’ve been fans of building engaged brand ambassadors in the workplace since long before the release of our best-selling book, The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, 2014). And if the results of a recent Altimeter study are any indication, social employee advocacy is here for the long haul. According to the survey:

  • Consumers respond better to employee posts better than they do to branded posts—with 21 percent reporting liking an employee post.
  • Employees report feeling “more connected and enthusiastic” about their companies as a result of social advocacy.
  • Employee advocacy was found to assist recruiters and support employment branding.

With such encouraging data, it’s no wonder that 90 percent of brands surveyed are either already building or getting ready to build their own employee advocacy platforms.

But where do you get started?

Join us for our new video tutorial course “Social Employees: The New Marketing Channel,” where we reveal the many reasons why social employees matter—and how you can activate them within your organization. This 22-part course, released by, a LinkedIn company, takes the covers off employee advocacy—from building an effective pilot program to mastering employee-generated content strategies.

Make no mistake about it: social employee advocacy works. Click here to find out how.

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