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Add a powerful new tool to your marketing mix that is propelling brands of all sizes to success.

Trust: Many consider it the holy grail of marketing. Every brand wants to be trustworthy, but as any marketer will tell you, establishing trust sometimes feels a little like navigating a minefield.

But without trust, your content marketing campaign is in danger of falling flat.

Make no mistake, good content is still essential to good content marketing. But how will your audience find it? People don’t respond well to the other push models of marketing in the digital bazaar. After all, they don’t want to talk to a brand; they want to talk to other people.

Here’s the trick: If you want to build a trusted social brand through compelling content marketing, then you need to invest in social employee advocacy. And the reason employee-driven content is so effective? Authenticity:

  • 91 percent of customers want brands to be authentic on social media, and 63 percent say they would buy from an authentic brand (Source: SocialTimes).
  • Researchers have found a direct correlation between brand honesty and customer advocacy (Source: Authentic Brand Index).
  • And speaking of customer advocacy—also referred to as “earned media”—more respondents (92 percent) trust it than any other form of media (source: Nielsen).

With the data mounting, it’s become increasingly clear that for content marketing to succeed, brands need customers, prospects, and other stakeholders to not only trust them, but to help amplify their message. Fortunately, there’s a proven way to do this to accomplish precisely this.

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