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A little while ago, IBM (@IBMmobile) invited Alan See (@CMOTemps) and me out onto their #MobileInsights boat to discuss the shifting role of mobile. From discussing how various members of the C-Suite view the changing mobile climate to need from mobile apps that are both employee-friendly and customer-friendly, I enjoyed spending a gorgeous sunny day out on the water discussing a crucial topic in the rapidly developing mobile marketing landscape. You can view the video in its entirety below:

So what’s the big deal with mobile anyway?

Well, mobile usage is growing fast. Really fast. And personalization and productivity apps are leading the way. For many people, mobile takes up the majority of their computing time. Employees especially want the freedom to use the same device for both work and for play—a desire reflected in the growing percentage of companies implementing a BYOD policy.

Mobile also has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool for marketing, entertainment, and even exercise—or as the unprecedented success of the Pokémon Go app has demonstrated, all three.

The real question—and the real challenge—for CIOs and CMOs is this: How do you work to optimize mobile in a way that is customer-friendly and employee-friendly while mitigating risk?

In the coming years, the answer to that question is likely to evolve right along with our mobile habits. In the meantime, as long as CIOs, CMOs, and CEOs maintain open communication channels—and open minds—organizations should be able to find the answers they seek.

For full-disclosure, I am a VIP IBM Futurist.

What mobile initiatives would you like to see at your organization? Sound off in the comments!



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