Wharton Future of Advertising

I am excited to announce that Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints,” by Yoram (Jerry) Wind, Catharine Findiesen Hays, and The Wharton Future of Advertising Innovation Network, has hit the book shelves and is available on Amazon.

Mark Burgess, my co-author of The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill)  and I were excited at the opportunity to make presentations to the Wharton Future of Advertising 2020 executive roundtable in New York attended by corporate and ad agency executives, and offer our perspectives on the evolution of how this age-old art form is changing.  Over the past two years, Mark andCherylBurgess_Endorsement I were part of the Wharton Future of Advertising 2020 project and our written contributions can be found in their new book.




What if you could catch a glimpse of the future of advertising? . . . today, and I mean “today.”  Wouldn’t you jump at that chance iBeyond Advertising Bookn a heartbeat?  Over 200 experts give their best impression of advertising’s future in one simple book.  Seize the day while you can.

This amazing book is about how the fundamental relationships among brands, media, and people are being transformed, and just as we try to adapt, along comes a new disruption.  We anticipate the new book, Beyond Advertising, will be immensely popular.

CherylBurgess_C2P33Congratulations Jerry and Catharine!


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