WhartonFoA SuperBowl 2016 Cheryl Burgess

Honored to be an invited Wharton Future of Advertising Tweet Meet panelist for 6 consecutive years.

It’s that time of year!

We have a lot of fun tweeting commentary before, during, and after the game using #whartonfoa – as much or as little as your real world party festivities allow – to reflect on how advertisers are leveraging the big game and delivering on what advertising could and should be as we look to the future.

The Basics:

  • Use the #whartonfoa hashtag to appear on the live tweet stream on the WFoA website 
  • Start any time – pre- and post-game tweets are highly encouraged
  • And at the end, pick the winner(s)… and not so winner(s)…along with your rationale


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