Social Employee Cheryl BurgessWith the football season underway, people all around the country have assembled their fantasy football teams, pitting their hand-selected rosters against friends and rivals in hopes of the ultimate reward in sports: bragging rights. This is social gaming at its finest—a thrilling combination of strategy, luck, and game-day exhilaration. Fantasy league enthusiasts swear by the added level of interactivity their participation provides for their enjoyment of the games, adding a much more positive meaning to the old stereotype of the “armchair coach.”

And of course, it’s all in good fun. In the spirit of the football season our friends over at MLT Creative have recently unveiled their own 2013 B2B Inbound Marketing Fantasy Team, assembling a roster of their top marketers from a variety of specialties and leadership areas. To my pleasant surprise, I found myself on the “Veteran Bench,” occupying the role of “Team Mom.” While I’m not entirely sure what this honorific title entails, I like to think that my duties involve strategic marketing ambassadorship for the social age—a role I am more than happy to accept!

What’s better, now that MLT has released their own fantasy team, their inviting you to participate as well. If you follow the link, you will see a field on the right hand column where you can vote for your top three B2B inbound marketing fantasy players. While I’d never be one to suggest that we marketers are in competition with one another—we all benefit from creating a culture of idea-sharing and innovation, after all—there’s certainly no harm in drawing up a fantasy roster in the spirit of friendly competition, either.

So vote now while you have the chance, and spread the word to the rest of your marketing community!

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