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B2B marketing firm Leadtail has recently released the B2B Social Marketing Report: Marketing Executives on Twitter. The aim of the survey was to provide a glimpse into the social media usage and posting habits of prominent B2B marketers during Q1 2013. According to the report, Leadtail designed the study to help marketers better answer questions such as (1) which social networks should you invest time and money in?, (2) what topics should you create content around?, and (3) which media publications should you advertise with?, among others.

As the writers of the Leadtail survey note, it’s amazing how much our browsing and posting habits, even in a professional capacity, can paint such a clear picture of the types of people we are, what we are interested in, and why we pass on certain information and not others.

Some notable results:

  • 40% of all tweets from marketing executives originated from mobile devices, providing further evidence that mobile applications must be a part of every business’s social strategy.
  • Marketers were far more active on Vine than they were on Pinterst in the first quarter of 2013.
  • Marketers are more likely to share content from mainstream media sources (44% of posts) than they are to share industry-specific content (32% of posts).
  • Marketers tend to retweet content not because they enjoyed it—and not even because they’ve read it—but because they think their followers will enjoy it. This is a great anecdote for what should be a central tenet of all social marketing: provide value to your communities.
  • YouTube is the most-shared content source for marketers, while Mashable is the most frequently mentioned.

To my surprise, I made one the Leadtail lists as well, appearing as #25 in the “Who Did Marketers Mention the Most?” category (page 16). I was nestled in comfortably between Robert Scoble (#24; @Scobleizer) and Cory Booker (#26; @CoryBooker). I even placed ahead of Justin Beiber (#28; @justinbeiber)! As I often say, it’s a great priviledge to be part of such an engaged and expansive community, and it’s quite humbling at times to see where my name might pop up next.

For all the information, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read the whole Leadtail report. It’s a quick read and full of interesting insights, and it’s certainly something worth sharing with your own communities as well!

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