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With our new McGraw-Hill book, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work, now among Amazon’s top sellers in several business categories, we have found ourselves engaged in a wealth of exciting conversations regarding the content of the book. People want to know more about the social employee and what they can do to improve communication, transparency, and engagement within their own brands.

To help facilitate these conversations and to provide a virtual water cooler for all things Social Employee, we would like to invite you to join our new Social Employee Google+ community. Here we will share news on the innovative brands leading the @socialemployee revolution, as well as tips for building your own social business and fostering open social employee cultures.

Peek inside The Social Employee and order your copy today!

Of course, the great strength of any community is the people who make up its members. We hope that you will make this community your own, sharing your own social employee-related news and asking questions that you think members of this community are particularly suited to answer. And of course, please share the Social Employee Google+ Community with your friends and colleagues.

Amazon_agold-bookIn The Social Employee, we reveal the social business success stories of brands like IBM, AT&T, Dell, Adobe, Southwest Airlines, Cisco, Acxiom, and Domo, laying out the tactics that have put these brands on the social front lines in the 21st century. While each of these companies took their own path to innovation, all were driven by the same basic motivation: the path to social business lies through empowering the social employee.

Remember, your brand cannot communicate externally unless it can first communicate internally. Is your brand ready to join the @socialemployee revolution?


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