Rutgers:  Science Meets Business “Finally”


Success in the modern global business environment is driven by talent, vision, innovation and leadership.  New leaders of tomorrow will be shaped not only by changing technologies but also by innovative educational programs that are aligned to real-world experiences.  Professional master’s degrees are reorienting careers by bridging the gap between science and business.

“In today’s knowledge economy, professional science master’s degree programs have a critical role to play in keeping America competitive by creating linkages between institutions and industry to prepare scientists with the practical training they need to work in high-need fields.”

Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA)

 Rutger’s Master of Business and Science (MBS) degree is rewiring students by offering a new kind of science master’s degree.  The MBS is part of the national movement of Professional Science Master’s (PSM) programs that bring together master’s level study in science, mathematics, or engineering with “plus” courses in business.

This MBS degree is a unique combination of standard science curriculum from an MS degree and a specialized set of business courses from an MBA.  Preparing students with the necessary entrepreneurial and innovative skills—and combining that knowledge with a deep concentration on science and technology—will make them superstar job applicants.  In today’s competitive job environment, this innovative combination of coursework is not simply a “nice to have,” but a “must have.”

“While we use the mantra that business is social, we have to prepare our students for the new digital world,” said Mark Burgess, (@mnburgess) adjunct professor and Blue Focus Marketing – Co-Founder and social media consultant.  This fall, Rutgers will be introducing a very exciting and innovative course taught by Mark Burgess, which tailors the business material to the scientist’s need.

“In a course that effectively combines both science and business, students will be able to solve problems, seize opportunities and be empowered to be tomorrow’s leaders.  A high expectation for the potential value that they can bring to the digital bazaar will enhance both their personal brands and corporate brands,” said Cheryl Burgess, (@ckburgess) Managing Partner at Blue Focus Marketing, invited guest speaker.

Cheryl Burgess (@ckburgess), Managing Partner, Blue Focus Marketing

Bill Strawderman (@MarketingBard), Executive Director, B2B Digital Marketing and Social Media at AT&T

Yves Sukhu  – Software Sales Executive

Dennis Urbaniak (@DUrbaniak), Vice President – U.S. Diabetes at Sanofi-Aventis

Alex Romanovich (@AlexRomanovich) – Managing Partner – Social2B, Inc., Adviser – The CMO Club

Dino Dogan (@dinodogan) and Dan Cristo (@dancristo) – Co-Founders of Triberr

Preparing students to become innovative leaders is not just a demand of present reality, but a necessity for the future of science and business.  For years we have known that all disciplines are necessarily linked, and now schools such as Rutgers are putting these ideas into practice with new, cutting edge programs.

There are over 20 different science concentrations available.

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